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Room in Roof Insulation Grants Available

Room In Roof Insulation grants are now being offered as part of the government's new Energy Companies Obligation scheme. The grants cover the entire cost of having all loft rooms insulated to current building regulations using the latest insulation materials.
Room in Roof Insulation Grants Available

Many older properties that were originally built with loft room space or 'Room-in-Roof' were either not insulated at all or insulated using inadequate materials and techniques compared to current building regulations.

By employing the latest insulation materials and methods, insulating existing attic rooms means that you can still use the roof space for storage or additional room space if needed while still trapping heat in the property and rooms below.

  • If your room in your roof is in an older home it will likely have poor insulation.
  • Poor insulation causes the room to be draughty and cold in the winter and too warm in the summer.
  • Room in Roof insulation can be completed with minimal disruption.
  • Insulation is secured to the walls and ceiling followed by plasterboard and then plastered.
  • Room in roof insulation is a specialist task and not a DIY project. There are considerations to be made about ventilation and fire protection.


Work completed with minimal disruption

Eco grant
funding available

Considerable energy and cost savings


A room in roof or attic room is simply defined by the presence of a fixed staircase to access the room.

Around 25% of all the heat is lost in an un-insulated room in the roof. You could save you up to £400 a year on your fuel bills by adequately insulating the rooms in the roof.

ECO grant funding available, up to 100% of the cost of works. Your assessor will be able to calculate any grant funding that is available to you.

Unlike loft insulation it is difficult to see if your home has sufficient room in roof insulation; newer homes may have some insulation present, but may still benefit from an upgrade. Ideally there should be the equivalent of 300mm of insulation, our specialist assessors are able to check if any insulation is present during the no obligation assessment.

Yes. Everyone is entitled to ECO funding. There are 100% Insulation grants available, subject to a free survey. Our surveyors will take into account how much your home will benefit from insulation. We may be able to offer you additional FREE services if anyone in your home are receiving the below means tested benefits:
• Pension Credit
• Child Tax Credit
• Job Seeker’s Allowance
• Universal Credit
• Income Support
• Working Tax Credit

If you have any additional questions or would like to make an enquiry about getting an assessment carried out please contact us. We would be happy to assist you further


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